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Wedding Songs List

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These are a few samples of popular wedding choices to help in the selection of special moments during your ceremony. There are many more songs available upon request, or we can help you find the ideal songs for your occasion.

Please click on the song titles that appear in green to view comments that may help in your decision process.

ComposerTitleMusic Clip
L. Beethoven Ode to Joy
J. Clark Trumpet Voluntary
G.F. Handel Hornpipe
G.F. Handel La Rejouissance
F. Mendelssohn Wedding March
The Last of the MohicansThe Kiss 
J. Mouret Rondeau
W.A. Mozart Alleluia
H. Purcell Trumpet Tune
A. Vivaldi "Autumn" from The Four Seasons
A. Vivaldi "Spring" from The Four Seasons
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